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Escape the Room at The Escape Lounge

Escape the room at DC's top attraction! Trapped in a room for 60 minutes with clues, riddles, puzzles & locks. Can you get out? Find out why The Boston Globe says The Escape Lounge is "so much fun you might not want out." We offer the only escape room in DC exclusively designed for children - Escape the Classroom. In addition, Escape the Oval Office is a top choice for team-building, group outings and field trips.

In our escape rooms we watch players come together, disperse and come together over and over again as they attempt to find a key to escape the room. It's fairly dependent upon how the team is doing and it largely applies to first timers. However, those who are doing well tend to be more cohesive. Those teams that are not doing so well, tend to disperse into their initial groupings, and sometimes even a single group of four will become a group of individuals.

But let's start with how our escape rooms work. We book up to 10 people per team. Let's say you want to participate, so you invite three of your friends. That's a group of four. Then someone else books three, and then another person books three. We now have three groups adding to 10 people who make one team. The three groups most likely aren't familiar with one another but will be in a closed intimate situation where they will have to work to escape the room.

You may have noticed that we didn't say they will have to work together. That is not a requirement. The three groups can certainly work independently if they choose. For that matter, each individual in the room can work individually if they choose. And it happens. We're not saying that we've seen it happen to every single individual in the room at once but there are instances where some individuals choose to work alone ... in a small room of people. Sound like someone you know?

But, what we see in general is something of a process. A process that begins with "specialized squads" that morph into a "collaborative collective" which eventually erodes into "treasure hunters" who evolve into a "cohesive unit" and ultimately emerges as a team or back to their initial groups.

Take a look. Perhaps you've seen this team metamorphosis first hand.